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Shezaim Delhi Tarot Network

This is a network for Tarot Lovers & Energy Healers in Delhi to interact with other Tarot enthusiasts to share their knowledge and discuss their experiences.

All Seekers, Amateurs, Readers/Healers and Learners are welcome to come and explore the mystic world of Tarot & Divination and to meet fellow Tarot Card Readers/Energy Healers and people interested in Tarot & Divination in Delhi!

The purpose of this Network is also to bring Tarot awareness and provide resources for Tarot Readers since in Delhi, there is a dearth of resources related to Tarot , be it a Tarot Deck, Tarot Books etc. The Network also has a Tarot Library where lots of books on Tarot are available to the members of this Network. The membership to this Network is free of cost.

The founder organizes a number of events every month for maximum interaction between Tarot readers/ enthusiasts. Any one can become a member of the group at Many workshops for learning Tarot are also conducted. There are a number of courses available for learning Tarot and enhancing knowledge of Tarot and Divining. Visit Tarot Classes for more details.

Madhu has founded a unique Institute for Tarot and Divination by the name of MShezaim Institute of Tarot & Divination that conducts courses through Shezaim Network.

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Tarot Reading Session

Tarot card reading is a divine art divination. A tarot reading aims at giving anyone an insight into their own soul. When taking a tarot reading session, picking some particular cards is no coincidence, you were actually destined to select them. The cards you select will give an intimate and detailed account of various facets and situations of your life. The reading will aim at dusting your soul of all the blinding dust and pave way for you to understand what, where, why and when\92s of your life.


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