Basic Course in Tarot :


The course is designed for very beginners of tarot to make them able to read and understand Tarot Cards.
Duration: Total 15 hrs spread into 8-10 classes


  • Introduction to Numerology (Brief History and Different Types).

  • Rituals: Cleansing, Charging and Caring a Tarot Deck.

  • Structure of Tarot Deck: Major and Minor Arcana, Meaning of 78 Tarot Cards.

  • Intuition Development: Visualization, Basic Meditation and rituals for enhancing Intuition.

  • Tarot reading:

    • Basic Tarot Spreads (3 cards, 7 Cards, and Celtic Cross (11 Cards)).

    • How to read the Tarot Cards for yourself and your friends, family.

    • How to frame a question?

  • How to make a story for readin

  • Practical Readings and Live Assessment

Tarot as Divination Tool :


This is the second step for basic learners of Tarot, to learn how to meditate on Tarot cards and use the same for divination purpose.

Eligibility: Basic course should be completed successfully.

Duration: 3 Classes for 2 & ½ hrs each on weekends.


  • Introduction to Tarot and Divination.

  • Why Meditating on Tarot Card.

  • How useful and affective are Tarot Meditations.

  • How to choose a Card for Meditation.

  • How to meditate on Single Tarot Card (Major Arcana Cards).

  • How to meditate with a small spread of Tarot Cards.

  • Do’s & Don’t of Meditation on Tarot.

  • How Meditating on Tarot helps in Enhancing oneself in Divination.

Advanced/Professional course in Tarot :


Eligibility: Should have beginner's knowledge of Tarot and experience of readings for atleast for 6 months.

Duration: 40 hrs spread into 20 classes (2 classes every week on weekends/weekdays).

This is designed for people who want to read Tarot Cards Professionally.


  • Ritual for dedication of Tarot Deck

  • Invoking Tarot Guide

  • 3 Dimensional Meanings of all 78 cards including Reversals

  • Basic Numerology

  • Combining Tarot with Numerology

  • How to calculate time frames of events

  • How to answer Yes/No questions thru Tarot

  • How to calm an Anxious Client

  • How to judge the client’s requirement without asking the client

  • How to protect psychically from the negative vibrations of the clients

  • Giving solutions to the client.

  • Color Therapy for healing the problem of client

  • Face reading and body language to understand the client’s mental and emotional status.

  • How to read Oracle cards and how to support your Tarot reading thru them.

Short Course on How to Interpret Tarot Cards :


Duration: 3 hours (one class only).

This course is specifically designed for those who are self learned from books, internet etc.and find it difficult to interpret cards in some particular situation or get stuck while making the story in front of client/ qurrent. Those people who know the meanings of cards but are not able to read them because of doubts, will find this short course most useful.


  • How to interpret cards in different situations.

  • How to make a story with big spread.

  • How to decide which spread should be used for a particular tarot reading.

  • Number of practical readings.

  • 21 Tarot Spreads for different situations

Tarot Spells :


Eligibility: basic knowledge of Tarot

Duration: 5 Classes spread into 4 weeks.

This is good for both basic and advanced course students; they will learn how to solve problems through Tarot and design Tarot Spells.


  • What is a Spell? Clarification to the misconception on Spells.

  • What are Tarot Spells?

  • How effective are Tarot Spells.

  • Ritual for Dedicating Tarot Deck for Spell purposes.

  • Choosing a spell.

  • Setting up an Altar for Spell work.

  • Material required in Tarot Spells.

  • Preparation for a Spell.

  • Do’s and Don’ts of a spell.

  • Designing your own Tarot Spells as per requirement.

Past Life Regression through Tarot :


This course is specifically designed for Advance learners, who want to specialize in Past Life Readings.

Eligibility: Advance knowledge of Tarot and basic knowledge of Numerology.

Syllabus :


Dream Interpretation through Tarot :


This course is specifically designed for Advance learners, who want to specialize in Dream Interpretation.

Eligibility: Advance knowledge of Tarot.

Duration: 2 & ½ months, (1 class on every weekend).

Syllabus :


Tarot and Numerology :


Duration: 1 Day or 3 Classes of 2 & half hours.

This course will give you clear understanding on how to use Numerology with Tarot and its usefulness. This is useful for people who have basic knowledge of Tarot and want to enhance their knowledge.


  • Introduction to Numerology (Brief History and Different Types).

  • Significance of Numbers.

  • Compatibility of Numbers.

  • How to use Numerology in Tarot Reading.

  • Advantages of using Numerology & Tarot together.

  • Correction of Name through Numerology

  • Meditations (Balancing of all Chakras)

Kabbalah Tarott :


Duration: 5 days

Syllabus :

Thoth Tarot :


Duration: 8-10 days

Syllabus :