Psychic Protection


Duration: 1 Day (8 Hours Workshop).

This course is useful for :

  • gaining self confidence and protecting yourself from negativity around you

  • People who are not emotionally strong and face problems in their professional/personal life due to their over-emotional nature.

  • Counsellors to depressed people.

  • All Tarot Students/learners/professionals who deal with many readings everyday.

  • People who are scared of Darkness/Night/being alone in a room/place.

  • People who get depressed very easily / soon


  • Introduction & Need of Psychic Protection.

  • How to Develop, Strengthen and Block your Aura.

  • Meditations: Protecting Self, Family Members and other Belongings.

  • Self Charging/Healing through Crystals.

  • Psychic Protection: Methods and Implementations.

  • Protection from Negative people around.

  • Protection from Negative influences.

  • Protection from inner/self created Negative emotions.

  • Protection from Black Magic.

  • Protection from Negative Spirits.

  • Initiation for Psychic Protection by the Mentor.

Pendulum Dowsing:


Dowsing is very useful for Yes/No answers using pendulum.

Eligibility:Interest in divination.

Duration: 1 Day (8 Hours Workshop).


  • Choosing Your Pendulum

  • Types of Pendulum

  • How to Charge the Pendulum

  • How to Program

  • How to frame a question

  • How to use Pendulum for different requirements.

  • Designing your own prediction charts.

  • Meditations for enhancing accuracy in dowsing.

  • Chakra opening and cleansing by mentor.

  • Initiation in Pendulum System

Candle Magick/Divination Through Candles:


This course is useful for people who finds their life is going very slow and things manifest very late in their life. In this course you will learn how to use Candle for making things manifest for you fast. You will also learn how to meditate and enhance your concentration.

Duration: 1 Day (8 Hours Workshop)


  • What is Magick

  • Difference between Magic &Magick

  • Similarities/ Difference between Magick and Spirituality

  • What is Candle Magick

  • How to use Candles for Magick.

  • Color& Zodiac Significance of Candle

  • Different types and shapes of Candle.

  • Annointing Candles

  • Preparing and Charging Candle for Magick

  • Essential Oils Uses and Importance

  • Uses of different oils as per spell.

  • Charging Oils

  • How to energise and use them

  • Visualization Techniques.

  • Protection Techniques.

  • How to Cast & uncast a Circle

  • How to Make Altar

  • Invocations of Elements

  • Introduction and Invocation to gods & goddesses

  • How to Create your own Spell

  • Love Spells

  • Money Spells

  • Health and healing Spells

  • Unbinding & Protection Spells

  • Precautions to be taken while casting a spell

  • Rules of Magick

Magick with Angels


Duration: 12 hrs


  • Introduction to Angels, Archangels and Their Realms

  • Recognizing Love, Money, Health & Protection

  • Creating Altar for Magick with Angels

  • Understanding Herbs

  • Understanding Tools

  • Candles :Colors , shape and other important things

  • Magickal Oils for Different Purposes

  • Invocations and Evocation

  • Love spells

  • Money spells

  • Health spells

  • Protection spells

  • Misc. Spells

Rune Reading


Duration: 20 hrs spread in 4 days


  • Introduction to the runes

  • Unfolding mystery of the runes;

  • Broad idea on the History of Runes,

  • Different runes set patterns;

  • Different Runes Sets

  • How do the runes work;

  • Elder and Younger Futhark;

  • The runes of the Elder Futhark

  • meanings; purpose of the rune poems;

  • Pronunciation of runic names;

  • The blank rune

  • The hidden meanings of runes

  • Reversed runes

  • Interpretation of runic symbols

  • Casting and interpreting the runes

  • Instructions to the questioner

  • selecting the runes

  • explaining the interpretation

  • casting - different layouts;

  • One Rune Layout; Two Rune Layout; Three Rune Layout; Five Rune Cross; Nine Rune Grid; Odin's 9; CelticCross, The Circle

  • The finer points of interpretation

  • Runic alphabet and writing

  • charms

  • making your own runes

  • buying runes

  • maintaining a professional attitude

  • Do’ s and Don’ts

Tea Cup Reading / Tasseomancy


Duration:1 Day (8 Hours Workshop)


  • Short history of tea leaf reading

  • Choosing the right tea

  • Choosing the right saucer, cup and kettle

  • Tasseomancy Ritual

  • Meditation

  • Understanding Symbols

  • How to read the leaves

  • Reading leaves for particular questions

  • Reading for any purpose

Intuition Development


Developing Intuition and Connection to Higher Consciousness through your own consciousness.

Duration:1 Day (8 Hours Workshop)


  • How to recognize your inner voice.

  • How to develop the intuitiveness.

  • Practical exercises for intuition development.

  • Meditation.

  • Practical and easy methods of developing and sensing the third eye chakra.

  • What is higher consciousness.

  • Connecting to Higher Consciousness.

Clairvoyance : learn to see the unseen


Duration : 3-6 Months


  • Understanding Clairvoyance

  • Peeking into the History

  • Metarial, supplies and journal

  • Creating space for your practice

  • Working on your Chakras

  • Meditation and Visualization exercise

  • Working with 4 elements

  • Understanding the time and frequencies

  • Dealing with real and astral time

  • Experimenting with premonitions and remote viewing

  • Understanding the hidden symbols

  • Psychic Protection

  • Connecting with your Astral Guide

  • Hydromancy

  • Fire Scrying

  • Crystal ball & Mirror Gazing

  • Aura Reading

  • Understanding colors and symbols

  • Removing blocks of your Psychic power development

  • Ethics & Rules

Aura Scanning and repairing


Duration: 2 Days


  • Understanding energy fields around living beings

  • Understanding Major & Minor Chakras

  • Relation of Chakras with human body organs

  • Finding the cracks and blocks in Aura

  • Healing and repairing Aura

  • Protection Shield

Angel Healing/Therapy


Learn to connect with Archangels and Angels to heal their life.

Duration: 1 Day (8 Hours Workshop). Duration: One Day


  • What are Angels

  • Discussion on Different Angels

  • 15 Healing Archangels

  • How to invoke Archangels

  • Angel Meditations

  • Healing with Archangels

  • Auto writing

  • Channeling Messages from Angels

  • Angel Card board readings

  • Angel oracle Card Reading

  • Connect and Channel with Ascended Masters

Mantra Healing / Healing with Mantras


Duration: 20 hrs spread in 4 days

Benefits of this workshop:


Mantras are ancient and the process of chanting is so easy that you can chant them in any mental state even if you are depressed and do not have a mindset of meditating or doing yoga, you will still be able to chant mantra. After doing this workshop, you will know which mantra can be used and utilized in what situation to manifest the best for you. You can heal anything with mantras, every aspect of life Learn to heal with Mantras, a one day workshop on a wonderful full method of healing with mantras.


  • What are mantras and how they work

  • Proper Pronunciation of mantras

  • Right way of chanting Mantra

  • When not to chant Mantra

  • Mantras for different purpose: marriage, friendship, job, fame, health, money,

  • protection, spirit protection etc.

  • How to do mantra hawan

  • How to sidh Mantras

  • Meaning and way of chanting Beej Mantras.

Connecting & Healing with Fairies and other Magickal Creatures


Duration : 1 Day


  • Understanding the fairy world

  • Getting connected with them

  • Fairy Altars

  • Different Kinds of Fairies

  • Understanding the healing powers of the fairy realm

  • Knowing and getting connected with magickal creatures like Mermaids, Unicorns, Dragons, Gnomes etc

  • Invoking the magickal healing flow within.

  • Healing emotions, physical health and finances

  • Healing relatinships and Marriage

  • Attracting the right partner for marriage thru fairies

  • Creating Money Magnet for self and others

  • Beauty Healing

  • Guidance Board and Oracle cards

  • Creating Fairy/ Magickal Charms

Magickal Manifestation


Duration: 1 Day (8 Hours Workshop).

Manifest good fortune into your life through Law of Attraction and Energy healing.


  • What is law of manifestation

  • Thought forms

  • Aura Clarity

  • Psychic Protection

  • Emotional & mental Protection

  • Creative Manifestation & Visualization

  • Exercises on Visualization

  • Meditations to improve visualization

  • Law of Attraction

  • Cause & affect

  • Instant Manifestation

  • Long Term Manifestation

  • Manifesting for self and others

  • Tools which can help you in manifesting

Become a Money Magnet


Duration : 5 Hrs


  • Understanding and Correcting Self Created Money Blocks

  • Involvement and healing of Chakras and Aura Involved

  • Cleansing of Blocks

  • Meditation for Abundance

  • Mantras for Abundance

  • Switchwords& ECs

  • Evocations of gods and goddesses of Money and Abundance

  • Money Creating Mudras and gestures

  • Magickal Affirmations

  • Getting rid of Debt

  • Guided Session by Mentor to remove Past Life Money Blocks

  • Petition writing to create sudden flow of abundance

Meeting with Spirit Guides


A course to meet your Spirit Guides and make a connection with them.


  • What areSpirit Suides.

  • How can they help.

  • How to contact them

  • Meditation to contact Spirit Guides

  • Connect with your Totem Animal

  • Understanding the meaning of Totem Animal

  • How to invoke a New Guide in your life

  • Oils which can help you in connecting with your Guides

  • Protection Methods while invoking your Guides

Ascended Masters & Their Invocations


Duration : 1 day


  • What are Ascended Masters

  • Difference between Angels, Archangels, gods, goddesses and Masters

  • The Ascended Masters

  • Invocations for specific issues and needs

  • Higher affirmations

  • Whom to call on specific Issues and needs

  • Practical Exercises Useful for everyone, as you will learn to solve your own problems and blockages in life, and also you will enhance yourself spiritually

Akashic Records


Duration: 8 hours spread in 2 months.with One Month Attunement Process


  • What are Akashic Records, an Introduction

  • Peeping into some history of Akashic Records

  • Cleansing and enhancing Meditations

  • Why access Akashic records and what all we can do by going to Akashic Records

  • Hierarchy of Higher beings in Akashic Records

  • What kind of information do we get in Akashic Records

  • Guidelines and Rules for reading Akashic Records

  • Different process of reading Akashic Records

  • Reading Akashic Records for Self

  • Reading Akashic Records for others

Crystal Ball Gazing


Duration: 6 Months.


  • Gaze into your Subconscious mind

  • Scrying or Crystal Gazing

  • How Crystal Gazing Works

  • The Receptive State of Consciousness

  • Brainwaves

  • The Difficulties of Scrying

  • Working with the Moon

  • How to Choose your Crystal Ball

  • Preparing Crystal Ball for Gazing

  • Gauging your Scrying abilities

  • Your Scrying Journal

  • Biorhythms

  • Meanings of Colors and Symbols

  • What all you can see or gaze in your ball

  • Healings with mantra

  • Crystal Therapy / Healing

  • Candle Flame Healing

  • Energy Healing

  • Chakra Healing

Healings with mantra


Duration: 2 Days


  • What are Mantras and how do they work

  • History of Chanting & Mantras

  • Choosing the right Mantra

  • Mantra Altar

  • Self preparation for Mantra Chanting

  • What are Sidhh Mantras

  • Types of Mantra

  • Different Mantrik Practices in India

  • Specific Mantras for specific results

  • Understanding Gayetri Mantra, Mahamrityunjay Mantra & Ganesh Mantra

  • Necessity of Hawans& Rituals

  • Choosing the right Mantra Mala

  • Chakra healing with Mantras

  • Mantras for Mental, Physical, Emotional and Worldly healings.

  • Guidance on doing a Sidhhi with Mantra

Crystal Therapy / Healing


Duration : 2 Days


  • The Science and Parascience about Crystals

  • Types of Crystals.

  • How do they work.

  • How to recognize a genuine crystal.

  • How to Cleanse / Charge them.

  • different shapes of Crystals.

  • Using Crystals for solving health Problems.

  • Using Crystals for divination.

  • Chakra Healing

  • Aura Cleansing

  • Space Clearing

  • Creating Charms with Crystals

  • Removing negativity and vaastudoshas thru crystals.

Candle Flame Healing


Duration: 2 Days


  • Concept of Healing thru Candles

  • Colors of Candles

  • Candles as per Zodiacs

  • Oils and other supplies in Candle Flame Healing

  • Understanding Fire Energy

  • Creating Candle Flame healing Altar

  • Different ways and Processess

  • Energy Initiation for Candle flame Healing

  • Healing 7 Bodies and 5 elements

Energy Healing


Duration: 5 days


  • Understanding Energy Flow

  • Creating Energy Balls and Energy Beams

  • Pyramid Energy Healing

  • Understanding 7 bodies and Chakras of Human beings

  • Scanning and understanding the core issues to be healed

  • Energy Manipulation and diversion to create positive healing results

  • Colors, Crystals and Wands for Energy Healing

  • Other Supplies for Energy Healing

  • Correction of Thought process for fast results of healing.

  • Advance Healing methods to heal emotional, mental, physical and material blockages.

Chakra Healing


Duration: 1 day


  • Introduction to Chakras

  • Functions of Each chakras

  • Colors, shape and Energy of Chakras

  • Chakra Meditation

  • Chakra healing with Crystals

  • Chakra healing through Nature

  • How to keep your Chakras Balanced

  • Chakra Balancing Session with Mentor.

Learn House Blessings & Cleansing Rituals


Duration: 2 days


  • Understanding Energy and Energy flow

  • Recognizing the need of House/space Cleansing

  • Types of Blockages and Negativity in house/space

  • Causes of blockages and Negativity

  • Rituals, spells and Processes of Cleansing

  • Rituals, Spells and Processes of Protection

  • Using Matter for protection

  • Deities for Protection

  • Protection Altar

  • Prayers and Affirmations for continues cleansing and Protection

  • Classes on all courses are available in person / online video conferencing.