Spiritual Healings

What is it: These are energy healings like Reiki, Pranic Healings, Crystal Healing, Angel Therapy, Candle Flame Healing etc, where the patient is treated at their aura/energy level. Once the energy body is treated, physical body also begins to heal.

How effective is it: The results vary as per the belief and receptivity of patients; some can be healed in just one sitting and other may require multiple sessions. The main reason to develop this network is to bring awareness about Tarot and provide resources to Tarot Readers in Delhi.

There is a dearth of resources related to Tarot - be it a Tarot Deck or Books on tarot. We also have a Tarot Library with an extensive collection of books related to Tarot are made exclusively available to the members of this Network. There is no any membership fee to join this Network; it is absolutely free of cost.

Can Be Cured:
Any addiction - smoking, drinking etc. Obesity (fat loss) Baldness Fears & Phobias Depression Physical pain in any part of the body Allergies and Skin Ailments Any physical or mental issues Energy Facial for dull skin & dark circles Financial Blockages Places with Negativity Relationship Issues etc.

healing therapy services can be done distantly, on Zoom/Video calling,
Personal Visits To book a Healing Session with us Connect thru call/whatsapp at +91 9873283331, between 11AM and 8PM