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Candle Magick

Candle Magick/Divination Through Candles:

This candle magick course is useful for people who finds there life is going very slow and things manifest very late in there life. In this course you will learn how to use Candle for making things manifest for you fast. You will also learn how to meditate and enhance your concentration.
Duration: 1 Day (8 Hours Workshop)

Syllabus:- Basics of Candle Magick

  1. What is Magick
  2. Difference between Magic & Magick
  3. Similarities/ Difference between Magick and Spirituality
  4. What is Candle Magick
  5. Color & Zodiac Significance of Candle
  6. Different types and shapes of Candle.
  7. How to use Candles for Magick.
  8. Visualization Techniques.
  9. Protection Techniques.
  10. Making an Intention and manifesting the same.
  11. Precautions to be taken

For appointment or registration of course Click Here or any other queries contact Madhu at 9873283331 (Delhi number) only between 11 AM and 8PM