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Runes Reading

Duration: 12hrs spread in 4 days

Syllabus:- Complete Course in Runes Reading

  1. What is Magick
  2. Introduction to the runes
  3. Unfolding mystery of the runes;
  4. Runic writing;
  5. Broad idea on the History of Runes,
  6. Different runes set patterns;
  7. Different Runes Sets
  8. How do the runes work;
  9. Elder and Younger Futhark;
  10. The runes of the Elder Futhark
  11. meanings; purpose of the rune poems;
  12. Pronunciation of runic names;
  13. The blank rune
  14. The hidden meanings of runes
  15. Keywords;
  16. Reversed runes;
  17. Interpretation of runic symbols;
  18. Casting and interpreting the runes
  19. Instructions to the questioner;
  20. selecting the runes;
  21. explaining the interpretation,
  22. casting - different layouts;
  23. One Rune Layout; Two Rune Layout; Three Rune Layout; Five Rune Cross; Nine Rune Grid; Odin's 9; Celtic
  24. Cross; The Circle;
  25. The finer points of interpretation
  26. Runic alphabet;
  27. charms;
  28. making your own runes;
  29. buying runes;
  30. maintaining a professional attitude;
  31. Do’ s and Don’ts

For appointment or registration of course Click Here or any other queries contact Madhu at 9873283331 only between 11 AM and 8PM