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Psychic Protection

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Psychic Protection - This course is useful for gaining self confidence and protecting yourself from negativity around you. 

Recommended for:

  • People who are not emotionally strong and face problems in their professional/personal life due to their over-emotional nature.
  • Counsellors to depressed people.
  • All Tarot Students/learners/professionals who deal with many readings everyday.
  • People who are scared of Darkness/Night/being alone in a rooom/place.
  • People who get depressed very easily / soon

Duration:1 Day (8 Hours Workshop)

Syllabus:- Psychic Protection

  1. Introduction & Need of Psychic Protection.
  2. How to Develop, Strengthen and Block your Aura.
  3. Meditations: Protecting Self, Family Members and other Belongings.
  4. Self Charging/Healing through Crystals.
  5. Psychic Protection: Methods and Implementations.
  6. Protection from Negative people around.
  7. Protection from Negative influences.
  8. Protection from inner/self created Negative emotions.
  9. Protection from Black Magic.
  10. Protection from Negative Spirits.
  11. Initiation for Psychic Protection by the Mentor.

For appointment or registration of course Click Here or any other queries contact Madhu at 9873283331 only between 11 AM and 8PM