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Tarot Library

Shezaim Delhi Tarot Network : A Tarot Books Online Library
This Library is made specifically for Tarot enthusiasts in Delhi to provide them all good Tarot books which are not available in book shops in India and cost very high if you order through Our Network has plans to have libraries such as this in all Metro and big cities of India, the Delhi Library is our first step towards this goal.

How to become a Member :-
The Library is open only to members of Shezaim Delhi Tarot Network Group at

Procedure of getting books issued

  1. You have to decide, which book you want and you can reserve the book for you by email at The list of books will be available on this page soon to help you make the decision.
  2. The books will be issued for maximum of 15 days and the extension of issuance will be subject to requirement of the book by other members.
  3. The books can be taken from the address given in contact details with prior appointment with Madhu and only on Saturdays.
  4. Only one book at a time can be issued.

Rules of Library

  1. No walk-ins are allowed as everything will be communicated through email including the availability of books from
  2. Books should be handled carefully; any mark or tear on book may result by paying the actual cost of book as decided by Madhu.

To use the library contact